Cleaning Specialist (Operations)
New Philadelphia, OH, United States of America


A Quality Facility Services is a local provider of contract janitorial services. We are a rapidly-growing company that currently serves numerous customers across North East Ohio and is headquartered in Canton, OH. A Quality provides services to local commercial buildings such as medical buildings, corporate headquarters, educational facilities, and manufacturing plants. The company uses a client-focused approach to service customers and build lasting relationships.

The corporate culture at the company is entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, value-driven, and family-oriented. Being people and systems focused creates numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth as well as a strong team environment. A Quality Facility Services utilizes its traditional values and visionary thinking to provide excellent quality customer service. Everyone works together to deliver results that are in the best interests of the company and its customers. A Quality differentiates itself in the market place by delivering quality service through innovative processes and being customer-focused.

Job Skills / Requirements

Job Purpose:
Keeps premises of office building, medical building, institutional building or other commercial building in clean and orderly condition by performing the following duties
which can be performed collectively or a team member could perform just one of these duties in a building:

Cleans and polishes lighting fixtures, marble surfaces, and trim.
Cleans rooms, hallways, lobbies, lounges, rest rooms, corridors, elevators, stairways, cafeterias and locker rooms and other work areas.
Sweeps, mops, vacuums floor. May potentially buff the floors in some facilities.
Cleans rugs, and mats.
Dusts furniture and equipment.
Polishes metalwork.
Washes walls, ceiling, and woodwork.
Washes windows, door panels, and sills.
Empties wastebaskets, and empties and cleans ashtrays.
Transports trash and waste to disposal area.

This job reports to the Supervisor

This is a Part-Time position