FPS Protective Security Officer (PSO) (Customs and Border Patrol)
Sterling, VA, United States of America


KR Contracting, Inc. (KRC) is a Maryland based company founded to provide integrated security services to federal government and commercial facilities and properties alike.

With over 30 years of combined security experience, KRC's staff are highly decorated security professionals with multiple security licenses and certifications.

KRC has a wide array of employment opportunities for trained and licensed security professionals. Full-Time and Part-Time positions are available for qualified candidates who are looking for a career in the security industry.

We look forward in launching your career!

Job Skills / Requirements

- The PSO shall perform a variety of security-related duties, depending on the type of posts assigned, and must be thoroughly familiar with Post Orders and Officers Duty book of assigned posts.
- The PSO will monitor and observe facility occupants and visitors for compliance with Federal Management Regulations, Facility Management, and facilitys posted rules and regulations.
- The PSO shall identify, report, delay or detain person(s) who violate rules and regulations, as appropriate and in accordance with Post Orders.
- The PSO shall not deviate from post orders, except in emergencies or as directed by the COR.
- The PSO shall control individuals attempting to gain access to facility by verifying identification; and PSOs shall control delivery access to facility by verifying identification, bill of landing, manifest, and cargo.
- The PSO must conduct patrols in accordance with routes and schedules established in post orders or as directed by the COR.
- PSOs shall observe, detect, respond to and report on potential or actual security violations; and PSO shall respond to security alarms and emergencies occurring within area of assignment.
- PSOs shall conduct inspections using automated technology; by manual tactile techniques, such as touching and feeling, or by observation.
- Off-going PSOs shall provide a summary to an on-coming PSO of recent, continuing, or anticipated events and occurrences for assigned posts.
- The PSO shall be responsible for maintaining logs, reports, and files of incidents and occurrences encountered during tour of duty.
- PSO will perform duties in a professional manner, responsible for observing surrounding environment, and when necessary, questioning those person(s)whose activities arouse suspicion.
- As a PSO, you shall be knowledgeable of location and use of: First Aid kits, fire extinguishers, AEDs, fire alarms, emergency exits, and duress alarms (if any) and ready, willing and able to use as necessary and required by Post Orders. As a PSO you shall be familiar with each tenant agency and location within facility, restrooms, elevators, entrances and exits, retail spaces, and parking areas, and shall provide that information upon inquiry.
- PSOs shall direct traffic (vehicular and pedestrian), control parking, issue traffic courtesy violation notices, and examine surroundings for suspicious vehicles or person(s), when required by post orders or direction of COR.
- As a PSO you will identify, delay, and or detain suspicious person(s), as necessary to maintain a level of security sufficient to ensure safety and protection of personnel, property, and resources.
- PSOs shall maintain physical security, law and order as prescribed by statue, regulation, and post orders.
- PSOs shall immediately report, in accordance with post orders, potentially hazardous conditions and items in need of repair; i.e., inoperative lights, locks, security hardware, leaky faucets, toilet stoppages, broken/slippery floor surfaces, blocked emergency routes/exits.
- As a PSO you shall remain vigilant to observe, report, and provide emergency response to a variety of hazards and activate alarms, notify appropriate authorities, and control access to hazardous zones from a remote area or safe distance.
- The PSO may have to act independently as primary security response until law enforcement assistance arrives.
- The PSO shall perform other functions, as directed, at government facilities or grounds which may be necessary during situations, such as civil disturbances, or other criminal acts which could adversely affect security and/or safety of government employees, property, and the general public.

Education Requirements (Any)

High School Diploma
Bachelor's Degree
Associate's Degree

Certification Requirements (All)

FAQ Weapons Qualification
State Security Officers License or Certification
OC/Baton Certification
DHS Suitability
40 Hour Basic Weapons Exhibit
64 Hour Basic Security Course Exhibit
40 Hour Tri-Annual Refresher Exhibit
NWDTP Certification
First Aid/CPR/AED Certified
DCJS Armed Security Officer
FPS Initial Weapons Training
FPS Contractor Basic Training
Firearms Qualification

Additional Information / Benefits

KR Contracting offers a competitive benefits package.

Pre-employment screenings are required for this position.

This is a Full-Time position